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About us

Gold, Metal and Coal is the only asset that has never disappointed people in the thousands of years in history.
TORQX Coin is digital asset affiliated with Gold, Metal and Coal mining company.

Who we are

Crypto currency is The Future! TORQX Coin is created with the aim to build a business solution in Mining business to benefit community. TORQX will revolutionize the traditional mining business for Gold, Coal and Metal mining.

We have created very great mining plan having more than 50 professionals with average 20+ years of experienced Researchers, Geologists, Mine Engineers, Financials, Crypto traders and many more the run a healthy business.

TORQX will engage users' investment with real assets values with great business plan to affiliate with local Banks by selling mined Gold, Metal and Coal.


Anyone around the globe can become a TORQX Coin holder and make small or large investments.


Fixed and unbreakable Terms and Conditions for the lifetime of your Blockchain investment.


Blockchain-based ownership of TORQX Coin guarantees complete privacy of the investor

How it works?

With TORQX, we unlock the gold, metal and coal mining potential and democratize investing in gold mining with higher standards in terms of transparency and voting feature of each investor.

Currently, high investment opportunity is available to only 2% of people worldwide with the cost of complex procedures and unreasonable fees.

Gold, Metal and Coal is the only asset that has never disappointed people in the thousands of years history.

Although the gold assets showed its reliability, creating gold mining project with the goal to launch mining is very ineffective due to traditional funding methods used from the banks loans nowadays. Such situation failed developers with promising projects and interested investors to get success.

TORQX Coin value will reflect a generated profit of the company as time goes. TORQX is an option available to anyone worldwide to invest into mining business of the gold, metal and coal. It eliminates intermediary costs, formal barriers, technical obstacles, and personal disclosure to preserve complete privacy!

TORQX solves the problem with the Ethereum based blockchain project, enhanced with modern platform which consists of developers and investors aiming to realize the gold, metal and coal mining projects together.

Discounted ICO - Users can participate up to 44.44% discounted rate in ICO and buy TORQX Coin using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash.

Staking with TORQX - Users can stake their crypto with TORQX and become an official stake holder of the company. As company profit increases with minig business, the price of TORQX Coin will reflect its increased value and vice-versa.

TORQX Referral - Anyone can refer their other members to TORQX project and can earn up to 10% of referral investment.

Mining Revolution

TORQX is well planned innovation in mining business. Join TORQX today and be a part of great mining venture.

Open to Community

On Very Secure Blockchain

100% Transparency

Help and Support is available for 24x7