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Frequently Asked Questions

We like to create a good and high-quality products.
We love clients who appreciate the value of our work, and who are willing to invest in themselves.

TORQ Coin is Ethereum based secure Coin made for Gold, Metal and Coal mining business. TORQ Coin is created with the aim to build highly technicle solution for Mining business to benefit community.

Yes, we encourage TORQ users to refer investors for TORQ Coin to join ICO. You can earn 10% referral bonus from referred user's investment amount. Important note: To take advantage of referral bonus, first you need to purchase minimum 30 TORQ coins.

ERC20 is the standard smart contract based on ethereum blockchain. TORQ is created on ERC20 Ethereum based contract for security purposes. You can read more about ethereum here.

Yes, we provide 10% bonus when your referred user invest TORQ Coin in ICO.


TORQCoin will be listed on , ,, and with many others to come

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