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TORQX Coin Sale
Start Date: 25th Dec 2017 (05:00 EST)
End Date: 31st Jan 2018 (23:59 EST)

The TORQX's goal is to raise 15M USD in the TORQX Coin Sale.

A real minimum raise to start the business is 5M USD


During Pre-Sale we offer a discount up to 44.44% for early investors in first round of ICO. This discount is in terms of higher value in upcoming round of ICOs.

TORQX Sale Target 7,500,000 TORQX
Max. Supply Of Coins Available
30,000,000 TORQX
Recommended Purchase 100 TORQX
Pre-Sale 7,500,000 TORQX
Main Sale 13,500,000 TORQX
Accepted Cryptocurrencies BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC
ERC20 Contract 0x4b5cd0295faf19c4150f74ea405451b554c3c888

TORQX Distribution

TORQX Coin Distribution
TORQX Coin Breakdown
  • Pre-Sale - 25%
  • Referral Program - 2.5%
  • M&A Reserve, Buyback & Options - 9.5%
  • Legal & Advisory - 8%
  • Team Tokens - 10%
  • Main Sale - 45%

Earn 10% referral bonus from referred user's investment amount during ICO.

Future of TORQX Coin!

TORQX ICOPricings Structure

TORQX is going to be highly demanded crypto currency in near future based on our prediction and research. With every new user the demand for TORQX grows. As more and more users join and fund the TORQX Wallet with cryptocurrencies, TORQX has to keep buying Coins at the exchanges to satisfy this growing demand. Alternatively, users will also buy TORQX directly at the exchanges - and growing demand means a growing TORQX price! The supply for TORQX is limited, and the demand of buyer will keep increasing since mining business has very huge profit resulting increasing price of TORQX with business profits.
Coin Price Estimation – solely based on linear supply / demand

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